Staring at the screen,
Suddenly, my thoughts go mobile,
Therefore, making me ruminate for a while

Look carefully and Observe
You will realize, the world being webbed with lies

People dramatize they care but donโ€™t,
Can hold your hand but wonโ€™t.
Iโ€™ll be there for you and comes with a price,
You shouldnโ€™t be surprised.

Deeds are done to be noticed,
Candids taken are too focused,
Youโ€™ll be unreasonable if you donโ€™t blend;
This is today’s trend.

Anxieties is portrayed as fun,
Iโ€™ll be seeking attention if numb.
The world decides how I feel today,
Suddenly its a brand new day.

When information stops to trigger,
But which social media post to share about it, is all you try to figure..
Conversations become less
Slamming gets intense
The problem is never solved;
Hence, Left behind to pass it to the next generation after all.

We claim to be reserved and hide,
Systematically planning what to display with the morning light.
Itโ€™s not about the world, it’s about you
Deep down everyday feeling blue.

This unexplainable sadness is the void
Of all the things that couldnโ€™t be captured with a polaroid.
The line so blurred, hard to be identified,
We convince ourselves with our own lies;
Build up reasons, that satisfy.

“Perception”, they would say,
Good things too lie in every way.
Well, the glass is half empty for me.
As pessimist, it may seem,
It’s difficult to stand by relying on hope;
Time is little and we have a generation to cope.

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