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Wordsgenis is an multi-niche blog. Here is a brief scenario. There are moments when one has a sudden urge to learn about a different way of the world, but rarely are we able to think or find the right constructive topic to land upon or start with. This hassle of discovery often results in mindless scrolling and a waste of time. Wordsgenis here tries to give you an upstart with your search.

The idea behind this kind of blog is to encourage people to understand the core aspects, factors, and aftermath of a particular topic or aspects by bringing them a well-researched article and making it open to discussion. Wordsgenis aims to provide its readers with a unique set of articles on random topics with the motive to offer a divergent and informative viewpoint. The Art of Erratic Thinking is acknowledged and the learning never stops! Don’t forget to subscribe to notification updates for regular posts, as we believe in your moment of Eureka!

Shrutika Lodhi

Inquisitive and Restless with an open mind for Learning and a Knack of Words! Presenting myself; someone who loves witnessing different aspects of life and enjoys diversity in grasping ideas quickly. Academically inclined towards English Literature, Sociology and Psychology, and an Ardent Reader.

I bring to you a world of knowledge and thoughts from a mind of a socially awkward personality, ironically having communication as her forte. Connect with me at :